These are the terms and conditions that apply to your reservation. All our Guests should be aware that by making a reservation with us, they are committing to everything contained in this Terms and Conditions document, so we advise you to read it carefully. In addition to these general terms and conditions, there are specific policies related to some units and their surroundings. These are listed on the profile page of each unit.


Guest is entering into a short-term rental contract for the agreed period. The property can only be occupied during this period, after which you will vacate the premises and return the keys. No commercial activities/filming/parties shall take place without the permission of Property.



The guest agrees to pay the full contracted amount for our services when making a reservation with us. Check-in/key exchange is only possible if the cost of the stay is paid in full before or at the time of check-in. We accept credit cards. Note: security deposit and taxes paid by credit card, plus a 3% surcharge applied.



Cancellation and prepayment policies vary depending on the type of rates and units.



If property is rendered uninhabitable after your arrival, we will make best efforts to find you a similar accommodation. If that is not possible, we will refund the cost of the days that you were not able to occupy the property. If the apartment is uninhabitable prior to your arrival, we will assist you in booking alternative properties. We will be responsible for the amounts that you actually paid us.


The Portuguese Foreigners and Borders service (SEF) requires that all travelers provide personal information when sojourning in Portugal. You must provide that information no later than the day of check in. The property cannot host guests without complying with this legal requirement. Before the guest's arrival, Online Check-in registration (SEF) will be requested by email or other electronic means for all guests who will stay in the unit during the period of their stay, including children and babies. For more information, please check this link: .


The property requires a security deposit for all rentals, to be used in case of damage, smoking or disturbances. If there is damage and it exceeds the deposit, we will use all legal means to recover the damages. The theft will be reported to the authorities in Portugal and your country of origin. The cost of your stay does NOT include the deposit. The deposit will not be applied to payment for optional services. AirBnb and Tripadvisor manage the security deposit for your reservations. For all other bookings, the damage deposit/security deposit is paid by you via your personalized booking page/app and takes the form of a pre-authorisation which expires 7 days after the transaction date. If your departure date is 6 days or less from the transaction date, we may cancel the pre-authorization after apartment verification or let it expire. Pre-authorization cancellation or expiration - will not result in your card being charged or refunded (i.e. you will not see this on your credit card statement). If your departure occurs more than 6 days after the security deposit has been paid, we will convert the pre-authorization to a regular charge. In this case, the amount will be refunded after checking and completing the cleaning of the property upon departure. It may take up to 7 days to be credited to your account, depending on the bank/card. In this case, you will see a charge and then a refund. If the damage deposit is pre-authorized through a physical terminal upon arrival, the refund may take 3-4 weeks depending on your card and country of issue.


Standard check-in is at 15H00 or later at a time agreed with Property. This property has Self Check In. This means that none of our Staff will be there to welcome you. The person who booked the property or people specifically authorized by the booker must be present at check-in. Guest has the possibility to request the Check-in service accompanied by our Staff during the online registration process, subject to an additional fee of €25.00 until 10pm and €50.00 after 10pm until midnight, paid cash at this time. The property reserves the right to cancel the reservation if the guest refuses to pay the amount due upon check-in.


Standard check-out is by 11H00 and all guests must vacate the unit by the specified time.

Please ensure the apartment is tidy, reasonably clean and that linen/towels are in the rooms where you found them. Turn off all appliances (including AC) and leave your keys on the living room table before leaving. Also confirm that the extra key is placed inside the Key Box. To avoid extra charges for lost keys, as stated in the terms and conditions, please send us a photo of the keys on the table when you leave the apartment. We ask that you remove all rubbish from the apartment and place it in the containers located at the entrance to the building. NEVER leave the keys in the door lock. Guests who do not leave by 11am without prior notice will be charged an additional accommodation fee equivalent to one night of their stay.

If the guest refuses to vacate the unit, property reserves the right to enter the accommodation, remove belongings, change the locks, and take any necessary measures, including reporting to local authorities. The guest will be charged for all costs related to this type of situation. The property is not responsible for any items left inside the apartment after the guest departs. All belongings found in the apartment can be returned upon request. The guest is entirely responsible for all charges related to the process of retrieving their belongings.


No more than the number of guests specified in the reservation can be in or stay in the apartment. Guests must indicate the exact number of people who will be staying during the stay. Any change to this number must be communicated to the property at least 48 hours in advance of arrival and is subject to the availability of the apartment. The number of guests specified in the reservation cannot exceed the number of guests specified in the accommodation. If more people than contracted stay in the property, the charge per guest night will be applied to all nights of the reservation, independently of the number of nights that guests report staying.


Tourist tax is not included in the cost of the stay. Lisbon, Porto and other municipalities require all accommodation establishments to collect a tourist tax from travelers on their behalf. Please note that the municipal tax currently of €2.00 per person, per night. The fee amount may be changed by the competent authorities and will be applied with immediate effect. This tax is charged to guests aged 13 and older. It is subject to a maximum amount of €14.00 per guest. This must be paid in cash.



The cleaning fee is a one-time fee that hosts charge to clean the space and is added to the nightly price when a listing is booked.


The property will provide a set of keys. Guests must be careful not to lose them or leave them inside the apartment. Additional fees will be charged for lost keys or lockouts. Fees are charged as follows: Lost keys: 100,00€ (price per key); Emergency Staff visit (between 10H00 and 18H00): Free; Emergency Staff visit (between 22H00 and 24H00): 100,00€. Please note that it may take our Staff up to one hour to arrive at the property to assess the situation and take necessary action. If it is necessary to hire a professional service, the guest is responsible for the total amount charged by the service provider. The professional service fee is based on complexity, materials, time spent and other variables.


This service operates according to availability and will take guests from the point of arrival (Lisbon Airport, Metro or train stations) to the entrance of the building. Prices vary according to the number of guests, pick-up location and apartment address. The guest can request this service during their reservation process.


All appliances and amenities in the apartment are described on its profile page. The property will not be able to provide any items that are not listed in each unit's profile.


Any and all issues within the apartment during the stay (e.g., electrical problems, TV and internet failures, malfunctioning equipment, or water leaks) must be reported immediately. Depending on the problem, resolution may take up to 72 hours or even longer if it depends on third-party services. While respecting the privacy of guests. The property reserves the right to access the apartment at any time, if necessary, for inspections, repairs, and emergencies.


Cribs - We provide portable cribs for babies (sheets and towels included), subject to availability and an additional fee for each Crib.

Pets - Only medium-sized dogs or cats (validated by the Vaccination Certificate), up to two per apartment, are accepted subject to an additional fee for each animal. Dogs of potentially dangerous breeds (Decree Law 315/2009) are not accepted.

Late Check out - Subject to availability and subject to an additional fee.

Early Check in - Subject to availability and subject to an additional fee.

Extra Cleaning - Guests can request extra cleaning service during their stay subject to an additional fee.


Appliances and Devices - If any appliance does not work, or guests are unsure how to use any device in the apartment, they should contact our Staff.

TV / Internet - No changes are allowed in the setup of TV and internet services (router and passwords), as well as tampering with electrical outlets for these services.


Cleaning - The unit is cleaned before guests arrive. The basic service includes a set of towels, bed linen, and some hygiene items for each reservation. Additional cleaning services and products, including changing sheets and towels, are available for an additional fee.

Smoking - All properties are strictly non-smoking including balconies, etc. Where there is evidence of smoking, an additional cleaning fee of 250,00€ will apply.

Furniture - No alterations or additions to the accommodation or its contents are allowed. Items in the apartment belong to the owner and should not be moved or removed from the property even during the stay.


Guests must not engage in activities that contravene any law or health policy. You must not disturb neighbors and agree to keep noise to a minimum between 10H00 and 8H00. In the event of a complaint, or if the police are called due to the noise, the rental will be terminated immediately, you will have to leave the property and no refund will be issued. We will refuse check-in to guests under the influence of alcohol/drugs and no refunds will be given. Additional security deposit fees will be charged in case of noise/disturbances.


The property is not responsible for any direct or indirect damages that may arise as a consequence of guests' use of the apartment, including damage, insurance, theft, criminal behavior, inappropriate use of elderly/disabled equipment or lack of security features. Guests traveling with children are responsible for ensuring that children are always supervised and kept away from harm. Likewise, we are not responsible for possible delays, accidents, losses and schedule changes or fees related to services contracted directly by guests from other parties.


The accommodation service is legally limited to apartments and the relationship with guests during their stay. We are not responsible for any incidents outside the limits of the apartment, such as cleaning and maintenance of the building, external noise, works, neighbors, or any other matter not directly related to the apartment itself.


The photos and descriptions of the apartments are produced by our Team and have been reviewed by the owners. There may be minor changes to the apartment in relation to the published photos, without compromising its general condition or amenities. The Property will not compensate guests, refund fees, or transfer guests to other apartments based on the appearance of the apartment or surroundings. It will be the guest's responsibility to ensure, before making the reservation, that they are aware of all information regarding the apartment and its characteristics, as well as the area or neighborhood of Lisbon where they will be staying. The property is not responsible for any damages, direct or indirect, that may occur during the guest's stay in the apartment, such as (but not limited to) personal injury, theft or criminal behavior, losses due to fire or misconduct, etc. the same applies to any deficiencies in the supply of electricity, water, television and internet. The Property is not responsible for errors and omissions, false statements by third parties, disputes between a guest and a third party, or for the content of external links other than the one where the reservation was made. If guests do not comply with these terms and conditions, or in the event of guest misconduct, the Property reserves the right to demand departure from the apartment without any compensation or refund of fees paid.


This agreement is between the guest and the company Positive Cloud Unipessoal Lda. which is duly authorized to provide hosting services.


Positive Cloud Unipessoal Lda reserves the right to update its terms and conditions at any time necessary. It is the guests' responsibility to be aware of the terms and conditions in case of changes before making a reservation. By agreeing to use our services, it is understood that the guest accepts any changes and that all parties will comply with these changes. These terms and conditions do not affect the rights of guests.


Santa Justa 24 and Lisbon Core are brands of Positive Cloud Unipessoal Lda, incorporated in Portugal under NIF 513006141 and regulated by Portuguese law. To settle any dispute, whatever the title, the Lisbon District Court is competent.